To assure the safety standards that we require for such operations, and that we know our customer will require, we are utilizing the following “tools”:

Vertech Offshore’s Quality Assurance System

A quality assurance documentation system giving our customers the possibility to access information essential to assure the safety and quality of operations, procedures and the tools/equipment we utilize.

Helicopter Operator’s Approval System

A pre-operation approval system assuring that the engaged helicopter company meets the standards we require, i.e. operational manuals for special lifting operations, training manuals, cargo hooks, lifting equipment, communications etc.

Helicopter Pilot’s Approval System

A system for pre-qualification of the “flying” pilot for special lifting operations. VO will only accept pre-approved pilots for all our operations. VO’s Helicopter Operations Coordinator is responsible for all pilot pre-qualification procedures.

Operations Manual

Prior to each operation VO will prepare a complete Operations Manual that will describe time frames, schedules, operational aspects, technical information, risk assessments, drawings etc. in detail.

Operation Risk Assessment System

Included in the Operations Manual are two separate Risk Assessments, one focusing on the work performed by the VO crew working in the flare access area, and one focused on the helicopter operations.

The ORAS covers every step of the operation, identifies unwanted incidents and hazards, and defines what actions will be taken to avoid or correct these.

-See also : Safety