2017 News

More and more of our flare tip replacement operations are now on FPSO´s. During 2017 we have been doing FPSO projects in the North Sea, in Brazil, in Western Africa and in Canada. These projects are more challenging than doing flare tip replacements on fixed platforms, as we are working on a "moving target". However, with our well proven special tools, our mechanics that have replaced more flare tips than anyone else around, and with our team of highly experienced helicopter operators and pilots, all our FPSO operations have been successful. During the last 10 years, we have completed 40 flare projects on FPSOs. Our helicopter method, already proven being very safe and very efficient, has shown the same when working on floating vessels.

2016 News

When summarizing our flare tip replacement activities for 2016, we can conclude this has been our most busy year ever. Projects have been done all over the world, in Norway, Denmark, UK, Brazil, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, USA, Azerbaijan and Australia. We did two projects in Western Africa and for both projects lifting helicopter was mobilised from Europe. The ferry flight from Europe to EG/ Nigeria is approximately 40 hours.  

2015 News

Thirteen flare tip replacement projects have been executed during 2015. After some years without having the required helicopter capabilities in Brazil, we were again able to do flare tip operations in Brazil. In September, we replaced the flare tip on the FPSO MV20, operated by Modec. Before we could do this project, we had to go through a long process with local aviation authorities to get their approval for our helicopter method. MV20 was our first project with Modec. Next project planned in Brazil is P48, scheduled early 2016.

2014 News


During 2014, we completed 18 different flare tip replacement projects. Most of the world was covered, with projects in USA, Canada, Australia, Qatar and North Sea. Our client in Qatar was Oxidental Petroleum.  To be able to solve the project, helicopter and specialist crew were mobilised from Europe. Mobilising a helicopter from Europe for such an operation requires quite a lot of planning. The ferry flight from Norway is approximately 35 hours over 4 days. To cover all logistics in Qatar, we worked in close co-operation with a local helicopter company. Project was completed on time.

2013 News


Our first flare tip Project in 2013 was done in Qatar medio March. This was a quite similar Project to what we did in Abu Dhabi in 2010, where a helicopter from Airlift in Norway was flown Down to the lifting work. It took 4 days to Ferry the helicopter Down to Doha, 1 day to do the work and 4 more days to get the helicopter back to Norway. All work was done safely and according to schedule.



In May 2013 we did a special project on Na Kika platform, operated by BP. In addition to replacing the flare tip, we also replaced a 5 meter 36 inch pipe spool, sitting below the flare tip. As in all our projects, lifting work was done by use of helicopter, a Sikorsky S92. To be able to remove the existing spool and install the new, we designed a funnel system to be able to tread the pipe spool up and down through the flare tower structure. Again it was demonstrated how effective lifting work can be when using helicopter. The project was a great success.




A New milestone for Vertech Offshore was reached in May 2013 when Our first flare tip operation in Australia was completed. Based on flare tip work done with the same customer in USA and Canada, they came to us and asked if it was possible to do the same type of operation offshore in Australia. After an intensive preparation period of only two months, all Tools were prepared and shipped from Norway, a local helicopter Company was quality assured and approved for the work and the offshore work was successfully completed. An experienced crew of Three mechanics and an Operations Supervisor were mobilized from Norway. After crew was mobilized offshore, all helicopter work was completed in one day, just as planned. Thanks to a very proactive Project manager from the Client, this was possible.

2012 News

We reported last year thet 2011 was one of the busiest years in the history of Vertech Offshore. Now leaving 2012 behind, we see that 2012 was even more busy. More than 20 Projects were carried out in the period between January and November. The Projects were spread all over, in the North Sea (UK, Norway and Holland), in USA/Canada, and also one Project in Azerbaijan. Our safety statistic still says zero lost time accidents.

Our helicopter Method for flare tip replacement is becoming more and more the conventional Method for flere tip replacements around the world. All Projects done in North America in 2012 were flare tip Projects. The Clients were BP, ExxonMobil, Mutphy Oil and Suncor.

One Project Worth mentioning from 2012 was the flere tip replacement for one of Our UK Clients. Major modification work was done both at flare deck and Down the flare boom. Vertech crew and lifting helicopter was standby offshore for 20 days. During this period, helicopter was used for lifting all kind of loads up and Down the flare boom. Again helicopter showed to be a very effective and time saving tool for a Project With a lot of lifting operations involved.

We did Our first two flare tip Projects in Kaspian Sea in 2011. In 2012 we were back and carried out a New similar Project.

A totally New type of projet that came up in 2012, was replacement of small Wind turbines on unmanned platforms in the Southern North Sea. Three such Projects were done. Again, when Cranes are not accessible, Our helicopter Method showed to be very effective.


2011 News

We have now behind us one of the busiest years in the history of Vertech Offshore. Over the last 8 months of 2011, Vertech Offshore has been involved in 14 different projects around the world. Again, we are proud to say that all projects are completed without any personnel injuries, which means that we keep up with our impeccable safety record with 21 years of operation and no lost time accidents.

Our projects during 2011 took place both in the North Sea as well as in other geographical markets. In 2011 we also penetrated new markets in Asia, which means that we are now covering all areas of the offshore world.

Besides from flare tip replacement operations, we were last year involved in a special operation in UK sector. The scope of work included installation of a new stairway on top of the existing flare boom, installation of a new flare deck, installation of a new flare line and flare tip and also the replacement of an existing flare tip. We were involved in the project from the early engineering phase, and a lot of efforts were put into the engineering work to accomodate the installation work to be done by helicopter. Tatallt 10 stairway and flare deck sections were installed and all sections were lifted into place with helicopter. A full scale test had been performed in Aberdeen in advance to secure the method would work. This project proved very clearly the effeciency of using helicopter for such installation work. The project was done in close co-operation with Airlift, a Norwegian specialist helicopter company.

Another milestone reached in 2011, was that we achieved an agreement with an agent to cover Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. These are all interesting areas for our services, and we are glad to inform that Indo Kaya Energi is now our local agent. This means that Vertech Offshore is now organised with agent offices in UK, USA, Brazil and Indonesia.

Flare tip replacement Abu Dhabi 2010

Vertech Offshore has completed the first project in Abu Dhabi. This was a special project where flare tips were to be replaced on two different platforms, and both replacements were to be done in the same day. The two platforms were KHUFF and NKPP, both operated by Total.

To do the helicopter lifting work, we engaged our sister company, Airlift, in Norway. This was done due to the fact that it was impossible to find a helicopter locally with the necessary lifting capacity. The ferry flight of the helicopter from Norway to Abu Dhabi and back took 8 days. The replacement itself took only one day.

Again we have demonstrated how effectively a flare tip operation can be done, with good planning and top qualified personnel. A local helicopter operator, Falcon Aviation Services, also played an important role in the preperations for the work.