When carrying out all types of helicopter lifting operations like this, safety has highest priority. Safe Job Analysis is an essential task where every aspect of the work is scrutinized. A separate SJA is prepared for the helicopter work. All lifting equipment and manufactured tooling shall of course be certified according to local requirements.

Vertech normally subcontract the helicopter operator for the work. Before subcontracting a helicopter, both the company and the actual pilots shall be quality assured and approved by Vertech helicopter coordinator. Prior to any operation, the long line pilot shall have demonstrated his skills. In Vertech, we have developed our own quality system for approval of pilots. Any helicopter pilot doing work for us shall be approved according to this system.

Over all the years of operating offshore, we have never been involved in any accidents or personnel injuries at all. The combination of experienced personnel in all positions, the specialized equipment and good planning make this method the safest, fastest and most cost effective method of replacing flare tips.

-See also : HSE/QA