Vertech Offshore AS is a specialized Norwegian offshore service company, which main business is related to replacement of flare tips. The company was established in April 2004, and was then a direct continuation of former offshore divisions in Statnett and Eltel Networks.

Through more than 35 years with construction and maintenance work on powerlines in the norwegian mountains, competence and experience with respect to use of helicopter in different installation work has been developed. In 1991, the technique was taken offshore. A new technique, with use of specialised guide equipment and helicopter, was for the first time used for changing a flare tip. The flare tip was replaced faster and more effective than anyone had seen before.

Today, we have a long reference list of successfully completed projects. More than 400 flare tips have been replaced, all of them using helicopter. Most operations have taken place in the North Sea, but work has also been carried out in other parts of the world, as USA, Canada, Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, UAE and Qatar.