2011 News

We have now behind us one of the busiest years in the history of Vertech Offshore. Over the last 8 months of 2011, Vertech Offshore has been involved in 14 different projects around the world. Again, we are proud to say that all projects are completed without any personnel injuries, which means that we keep up with our impeccable safety record with 21 years of operation and no lost time accidents.

Our projects during 2011 took place both in the North Sea as well as in other geographical markets. In 2011 we also penetrated new markets in Asia, which means that we are now covering all areas of the offshore world.

Besides from flare tip replacement operations, we were last year involved in a special operation in UK sector. The scope of work included installation of a new stairway on top of the existing flare boom, installation of a new flare deck, installation of a new flare line and flare tip and also the replacement of an existing flare tip. We were involved in the project from the early engineering phase, and a lot of efforts were put into the engineering work to accomodate the installation work to be done by helicopter. Tatallt 10 stairway and flare deck sections were installed and all sections were lifted into place with helicopter. A full scale test had been performed in Aberdeen in advance to secure the method would work. This project proved very clearly the effeciency of using helicopter for such installation work. The project was done in close co-operation with Airlift, a Norwegian specialist helicopter company.

Another milestone reached in 2011, was that we achieved an agreement with an agent to cover Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. These are all interesting areas for our services, and we are glad to inform that Indo Kaya Energi is now our local agent. This means that Vertech Offshore is now organised with agent offices in UK, USA, Brazil and Indonesia.