2013 News


Our first flare tip Project in 2013 was done in Qatar medio March. This was a quite similar Project to what we did in Abu Dhabi in 2010, where a helicopter from Airlift in Norway was flown Down to the lifting work. It took 4 days to Ferry the helicopter Down to Doha, 1 day to do the work and 4 more days to get the helicopter back to Norway. All work was done safely and according to schedule.



In May 2013 we did a special project on Na Kika platform, operated by BP. In addition to replacing the flare tip, we also replaced a 5 meter 36 inch pipe spool, sitting below the flare tip. As in all our projects, lifting work was done by use of helicopter, a Sikorsky S92. To be able to remove the existing spool and install the new, we designed a funnel system to be able to tread the pipe spool up and down through the flare tower structure. Again it was demonstrated how effective lifting work can be when using helicopter. The project was a great success.




A New milestone for Vertech Offshore was reached in May 2013 when Our first flare tip operation in Australia was completed. Based on flare tip work done with the same customer in USA and Canada, they came to us and asked if it was possible to do the same type of operation offshore in Australia. After an intensive preparation period of only two months, all Tools were prepared and shipped from Norway, a local helicopter Company was quality assured and approved for the work and the offshore work was successfully completed. An experienced crew of Three mechanics and an Operations Supervisor were mobilized from Norway. After crew was mobilized offshore, all helicopter work was completed in one day, just as planned. Thanks to a very proactive Project manager from the Client, this was possible.